Space Weather Nowcast and Forecast Products (Daily, Weekly)

Welcome to the General Data Services - Forecast and nowcast service service


Data lies at the heart of ESA's Space Weather activities. Many of the user requirements and components to be delivered as part of the SWE segment make reference to requirements on the availability of and access to nowcasting and forecasting data. This includes real-time and near-real-time delivery of measurement and modelling data.

The General Forecast service provides access to the nowcasting and forecasting data included in the ESA SWE service network.

This service is implemented through a combination of products, tools and alerts which can be found in the sections below with expert support provided by the teams constituting the SWE Network. Should you require further guidance in the use of this service, or have specific questions about any aspects of the service presented here, don’t hesitate to contact the SSCC Helpdesk.

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Products and Alerts


Solar Data
Solar Flares
Coronal Holes
Solar Disc Magnetic Fields
International Sunspot number
Smoothed Sunspot Number (SSN, R12)
10.7cm Solar Radio Flux (F10.7)
Ionospheric Index (IG12)
EUV Images of Sun
White Light Solar Imaging
H-alpha Images of Sun
Solar EUV Images Outside of Sun-Earth Line
Solar X-ray Flux
Heliospheric Imaging of Sun-Earth Line
Sunspot Group Data
Solar Filament Data
Radio Burst Detection
Interplanetary medium
High Energy >10 MeV Protons
1-10 MeV Protons
Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)
Solar Wind Bulk Velocity
Solar Wind Bulk Density
Solar Wind Temperature
Solar Energetic Particle Events
Interplanetary Medium Data
CME propagation forecast
Earth Magnetosphere and Radiation Belt
Geomagnetic Storm Condition
Geomagnetic Indices Kp and K
Geomagnetic Index Ap and A
Geomagnetic Index Dst
High Energy >10 MeV Protons
1-10 MeV Protons
30 keV-8 MeV Electrons
Thermal and Supra-thermal Electron and Ion Energy Spectra
Geomagnetic Index AE, AL and AU
AZ index
Earth Ionosphere and Thermosphere
Vertical Total Electron Content Map
3D Electron Density Grids
URSI Ionospheric Parameters
Neutral Density in Thermosphere
Scintillation Indices and Parameters
  • Global Scintillation Indices
  • S4 maps (Northern Europe)
  • σφ maps (Northern Europe)
  • S4 and Err(S4) nowcast modelled maps
  • SigmaPhi and Err(SigmaPhi) nowcast modelled maps
  • S4 and Err(S4) 6-hour forecast modelled maps
  • SigmaPhi and Err(SigmaPhi) 6-hour forecast modelled maps
  • S4 and Err(S4) nowcast modelled values at a given location
  • SigmaPhi and Err(SigmaPhi) nowcast modelled values at a given location
  • S4 and Err(S4) 6h forecast modelled values at a given location
  • SigmaPhi and Err(SigmaPhi) 6h forecast modelled values at a given location
Ionospheric Disturbances
Earth Atmosphere and Geomagnetic Environment
Auroral Visible Imaging
Local External Magnetic Field on Ground
Local Geomagnetic Induced Geoelectric Field
Neutral Density and Wind
Other Planets
Microparticle Environment
Orbital Data of Spacecraft Carrying Space Weather Instruments
Deep Dielectric Charging
Dose at Aircraft Altitudes
Alert products
All Quiet Alert
End-of-quiet Alert
Solar Flare Detection
Solar Flare Detection and Location
CME Onset
Halo CME Onset
CIR Alert
Solar Particle Event Onset
Geomagnetic Storm Warning / Solar Wind Shock Arrival
Geomagnetic Storm Onset
Ionospheric Disturbance Detection
Ground Level Enhancement Detection


User Manual

All data and service products contributing to the General forecast service can be accessed from the product catalogue matrix in the "Products" section. These products are ordered and categorised as per the ESA product specification documents according to the physical domain and product types.



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Latest SWIFF Plasmasphere Model - electron density

Full product
Provided by: BIRA-IASB Space Weather Services

SIDC Latest Solar flare forecast

Full product
Provided by: Solar Influences Data analysis Center

MO Solar Wind Forecast (Enlil)

Full product
Provided by: UK Met Office