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Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) in technological systems are caused by rapid variations of the geomagnetic field (dB⁄dt) which are always associated with a geoelectric field driving currents in electric conductors. They can disturb the normal operation of pipelines by creating fluctuations in corrosion protection voltages and in the long term by possibly increasing the corrosion rate of the pipeline steel. Real-time monitoring of GIC can be based on ground magnetic field recordings from which GIC can be modelled. Short-term forecasts can be based on the estimated rate of change of the geomagnetic field (dB⁄dt), which provides a proxy for GIC.

The purpose of this service is to give a general overview of GIC and pipe-to-soil voltage (PSV) activity.

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To assess in detail the magnitude of possible disturbances in pipelines, the products for Local Geoelectric Field include maps for power and pipeline operators. These can be found from the "Products" section under the "Earth atmosphere and geomagnetic environment" section header. The products also include a table of modelled ground induced current (GIC) and the pipe-to-soil voltage (PSV). At the moment, the coverage of the PSV is limited to the Finnish natural gas pipeline and UK pipelines, and the modelled GIC contains information only for Norwegian and Finnish power grids.




Modelled surface electric field for UK and Ireland

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Provided by: British Geological Survey

3-hourly Telluric index (Lerwick, Eskdalemuir, Hartland)

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Provided by: British Geological Survey

Peak Pipe-to-Soil Potential (PSP) for Scotland, England, Wales and the UK

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Provided by: British Geological Survey