Space Weather in the Solar System

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The service "Spacecraft Design - Space Weather in the Solar System" aims to provide information supporting the specification and design of spacecraft that will operate within the heliospheric domain. These missions are primarily solar system science exploration missions but in future could include other missions such as space weather assets located away from the Earth (such as L4 and L5). The service area is also relevant to the heliocentric orbits close to the earth (such as L1 and L2). Many of the products specified in the near-Earth spacecraft design services (Environment Specification Archive, Environment In-orbit verification and Post Event Analysis) are also relevant here although in some cases will need to be scaled according to the specifics of the interplanetary trajectory and heliospheric target. This information includes statistics on the space environment (background solar wind and transient features including coronal mass ejections, stream interaction regions and solar energetic particles as well as solar UV).

This service is implemented through a combination of products and tools which can be found through the following sections along with expert support provided by the teams constituting the SWE Network. Should you require further guidance in the use of this service, or have specific questions about any aspects of the service presented here, don't hesitate to contact the Helpdesk.

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Products and Alerts

The products provided for this service consist of access to archives and reconstructed information on 1) Solar Activity; 2) Interplanetary Medium at L1; 3) Interplanetary Medium Outside L1 and 4) Alerts related to these domains. The Solar activity provides the driver for space weather effects within the solar system and on planetary environments. The L1 and Outside L1 products provide historical data on the enviroment at those locations. No real-time alerts are associated with this service since it is targeted at design activities, the available archives of alerts are provided within the products section.The tools that are currently provided support 1) Access to space environment tools that can help to predict the likely environment to be encounted; 2) Archive and data mining tools.


Solar Activity: Data Archive
Solar Flares
CME propagation forecast
Coronal Holes
Solar Disc Magnetic Fields
International Sunspot number
Smoothed Sunspot Number (SSN, R12)
10.7cm Solar Radio Flux (F10.7)
Solar EUV Index (S10.7)
Solar EUV Index (E10.7)

No product available in this category yet

Solar FUV Index (M10.7)
Solar X-ray & UV Index (Y10.7)
Ionospheric Index (IG12)
EUV Images of Sun
White Light Solar Imaging
H-alpha Images of Sun
Soft X-ray Images of the Sun

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Solar EUV Images Outside of Sun-Earth Line
Solar Coronagraphic Images Outside of Sun-Earth Line

No product available in this category yet

Solar Far-side Maps (using helioseismology technique)

No product available in this category yet

Ly-alpha Images

No product available in this category yet

White-light wide-angle Coronagraph Images

No product available in this category yet

Solar Radiospectrographic Observations
Solar X-ray Flux
Solar EUV Integrated Flux
Solar UV Flux
Long-term Solar Activity

No product available in this category yet

Heliospheric Imaging of Sun-Earth Line
Interplanetary Medium at L1: Data Archive
High Energy >10 MeV Protons
High Energy >10 MeV/nuc Ions
1-10 MeV Protons
1-10 MeV/nuc Ions
0.03-1 MeV/nuc Ions
2-50 MeV Solar Electrons
30 keV-8 MeV Electrons
Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)
Solar Wind Bulk Velocity
Solar Wind Bulk Density
Solar Wind Temperature
Activity at L1

No product available in this category yet

Interplanetary Medium Outside L1: Data Archive
CME propagation forecast
Solar Energetic Particle Events
Interplanetary Medium Data
Alerts: Data Archive
Solar Flare Detection
Solar Flare Detection and Location
CME Onset
CIR Alert
Geomagnetic Storm Warning / Solar Wind Shock Arrival


User Manual

The particular space environment considerations for solar system missions depends on the heliospheric trajectory and solar system target(s) relevant to the mission. These include solar energetic particle radiation, plasmas and micro-particles and additionally trapped radiation and atmospheric effects where relevant to planetary bodies with magnetospheres and/or atmospheres. 




Magnetic Connectivity Tool - Forecast[ADAPT]

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Provided by: Infor'marty


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Provided by: BIRA-IASB Space Weather Services

RAL H-ESC Event Timeline

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Provided by: STFC, RAL Space