Alert Service

Welcome to the General Data Services - Alert Service service


The General Alert service provides access to a set of alerts included in the ESA SWE service network.

This service is implemented through a combination of products, tools and alerts which can be found in the sections below with expert support provided by the teams constituting the SWE Network. Should you require further guidance in the use of this service, or have specific questions about any aspects of the service presented here, don’t hesitate to contact the SSCC Helpdesk.

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Products and Alerts


Alert products
All Quiet Alert
End-of-quiet Alert
Solar Flare Detection
Solar Flare Detection and Location
CME Onset
Halo CME Onset
Coronal Hole Notification

No product available in this category yet

CIR Alert
Solar Particle Event Onset
Geomagnetic Storm Warning / Solar Wind Shock Arrival
Geomagnetic Storm Onset
Ionospheric Disturbance Detection
Micro Particle Flux Warning

No product available in this category yet

Debris Cloud/Meteoroid Stream Warning

No product available in this category yet

All Archive

No product available in this category yet

Ground Level Enhancement Detection


User Manual

All alert products included in the ESA SWE network can be accessed either from the "Products" section or from the "Alerts" section.




GLE Alert++ Status

Full product
Provided by: NKUA Cosmic Ray Group

GEO proton flux alerts

Full product
Provided by: Space Applications & Research Consultancy

DTU AWARE Near Earth Warnings Plot

Full product
Provided by: DTU Space