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The service "Transionospheric Radio Link - Near-real-time TEC maps" aims to provide maps of the Total Electron Content (TEC) no more than 5 minutes after observation (near-real-time). Supplementary materials are measurements from ionosondes (URSI parameters), height of maximum electron density in the F2 layer (hmF2). The Smoothed Sunspot Number (SSN) and the solar flux density from the entire solar disk at 10.7 cm (F10.7) are solar parameters contributing to this service. They are proportional to the level of ionisation in the ionosphere and therefore commonly used for TEC models.

This service addresses the needs of trans-ionospheric radio links users. This includes primarily Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) users and service providers, using GNSS single frequency services (e.g. EGNOS users and typical GNSS mass market users), GNSS multi-frequency services (e.g. aeronautical systems, geodetic users, Real-Time Kinematik) and users of satellite data communications (e.g. Search and Rescue, Air Traffic, etc.) and other space-based services affected by the ionosphere (e.g. radars, altimetry, radioastronomy, etc.).

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Total Electron Content Maps, Nowcast
Vertical Total Electron Content Map
3D Electron Density Grids
URSI ionospheric parameter values, Nowcast
URSI Ionospheric Parameters
Scintillation, Nowcast
Scintillation Indices and Parameters
Riometer, Nowcast
Riometer Data
Solar Data, Nowcast
Solar Flares
Smoothed Sunspot Number (SSN, R12)

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10.7cm Solar Radio Flux (F10.7)
Solar X-ray Flux
Solar EUV Integrated Flux

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Solar UV Flux

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Geomagnetic Storm Indices, Nowcast
Local External Magnetic Field on Ground
Local Geomagnetic Induced Geoelectric Field


Ionospheric Disturbance Detection


User Manual

The Total Electron Content (TEC) is defined as the integral of the electron density along the ray path between satellite and receiver. Thus, TEC provides the number of electrons per square metre. The most frequently used unit is 1TECU = 1x1016 electrons / m2.



❗Warning: IMPC Equivalent slab thickness for Pruhonice [I.105b] is currently not available. For further information, please contact the helpdesk.

TEC map (Europe), current

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Provided by: German Aerospace Center

TEC map (Global), current

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Provided by: German Aerospace Center

VTEC maps (Northern Europe)

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Provided by: Norwegian Mapping Authority