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This dashboard provides a snapshot of the current space weather conditions based on the latest products from the SWE Network.

For a detailed overview of the current conditions, as well as access to forecasts, archives, alerts and interactive tools, we encourage you to register as a user and explore the full range of products and data available in our different Service Domains:

Solar Data

SIDC Solarmap

Full product
Provided by: Solar Influences Data analysis Center

A-EFFort Solar flare forecast

Full product
Provided by: Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics

Interplanetary medium

Near-Earth solar wind forecasts (EUHFORIA)

Full product
Provided by: STFC, RAL Space

Earth's Magnetosphere and Radiation Belt

Nowcast Kp index

Full product
Provided by: German Research Centre for Geosciences


Full product
Provided by: Radiation Hardness Assurance and Space Weather

Earth's Ionosphere and Thermosphere

EIS Current Ionospheric Conditions at each ionosonde location

Full product
Provided by: Ionospheric Group of the National Observatory of Athens

Earth's Atmosphere and Geomagnetic Environment

Forecasts of dB/dt

Full product
Provided by: Swedish Institute of Space Physics in Lund

Latest News and Updates

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