SWE Portal 3.2.0 Release Note

The ESA SSA Space Weather team is pleased to announce that SWE Portal 3.2.0 was released on the 3 December 2020.

In this update, the SSA SWE Services have been enhanced with the incorporation of the following new and updated products and tools :

Not sure which products are linked to which service? Find the latest Service-Product linking here: Service Application Matrix

From the Solar Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • INAF/OACT provides updates for:
    • INAF/OACT White light Solar images and INAF/OACT Halpha Solar images due to a upgraded camera, which will provide better resolution images with a better cadence
  • UNIGRAZ/KSO provides updates for:
    • UGraz/KSO Halpha Solar images enhancement consists of high contrast images with removed large scale variations, like limb darkening

From the Geomagnetic Conditions Expert Service Centre:

  • The DTU Space, National Space Institute provides:
    • An update of product G.101 Magnetogrammes from North(West) Europe and Greenland by adding magnetogrammes from additional stations. The new stations are installed in Sweden more specifically at the following locations:Växjö (VXJ), Falköping (FKP), Nora (NRA) and Hassela (HAS).

From the Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • KU Leuven provides:
    • An update to the Virtual Space Weather Modelling Centre (VSWMC), a tool that lets you run space weather models either in a stand-alone way or coupled together. The update includes the integration of the two new models Wind-Predict and CTIP to the VSWMC. In addition, a user manual in form of help web pages is integrated in the User Interface.

From the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • The European Ionosonde Service (EIS) of the National Observatory of Athens provides:
    • A new functionality of European hmF2 maps in real time and archived mode.

From the ESA Space Weather Office:

  • SOSMAG is the first Space Weather instrument flying as part of ESA's Distributed Space Weather Sensor System (D3S). Latest data from the SOSMAG instrument onboard the GEO-KOMPSAT-2A spacecraft is now provided as part of the General Data Services. Access this via the SWE Data Browser and find out more about SOSMAG here.
  • The European Debris Impact Database (EDID) has been updated with the latest processed DEBIE-1 data

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Please contact the SSCC Helpdesk (helpdesk.swe@esa.int) for any further information.