SWE Portal 3.10.0 Release Note

The ESA Space Weather team is pleased to announce that SWE Portal 3.10.0 was released on the 13 June 2024.

In this update, the ESA SWE Services have been enhanced with the incorporation of the following new and updated products and tools:

Not sure which products are linked to which service? Find the latest Service-Product linking here: Service Application Matrix

From the Solar Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • Collecte Localisation Satellites (CNES/CLS) provides:
    • An update on the forecast of F10 and F30 radio fluxes, to enhance the validation of past forecasts. Inconsistencies between the Nobeyama definitive data flags and data available online are being addressed by downloading the online data and re-computing past forecasts. This allows for correction also in the case of forecasts issued too early or late, forecasts made around time of data gaps in the provisional data of forecasts with negative values.

From the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • The Space and Earth Observation Centre (FMI) provides an update on the TomoScand3D product:
    • The colour palette of the electron density plots will be changed to prevent saturation of the plot.

From the Geomagnetic Conditions Expert Service Centre:

  • The Solar Influences Data analysis Center (SIDC) provides an update on the 3-day forecast of the local K-index in Belgium:
    • The reported values at 03:00am, 06:00am and 09:00am are the measured values of the local K-Belgium index, based on data from two magnetometers, from two belgian stations, Doubes and Manhay. 

From the ESA Space Weather Office:

  • The Korea Space wEather Monitor (KSEM) data suite onboard the GK2A spacecraft is now included in the Space Weather Database. It complements the SOSMAG data products with a charging monitor and a particle detector for both electrons and protons. Access these data products via the SWE Data Browser or HAPI (and find out more here).
  • ICARE-NG² is the third Space Weather instrument flying as part of ESA's Distributed Space Weather Sensor System (D3S). Latest data products from the ICARE-NG² instruments onboard the Hotbird spacecraft 13F and 13G will soon be provided as part of the General Data Services.
    Access to these data products will be coming soon via the SWE Data Browser or HAPI and find out more here.
    Note: Please be advised that data delivery from ICARE-NG² might not be fully stable yet and outages as well as delays might occur.

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