SWE Portal 2.7.0 Release Note

The ESA SSA Space Weather team is pleased to announce that SWE Portal 2.7.0 was released on the fifth of September, 2017 providing new and updated products and services.

In this release we have improved the navigation within the SWE portal based on the recommandations of the user community gathered during the Network Reviews. In addition, this SSA Space Weather Portal upgrade will provide access to the following new and improved products and tools:

Within the Space Radiation Expert Service Centre:

  • the Belgian Royal Institute for Space Aeronomy provides access to the Plasmasphere electron density distribution model (SPM) which calculates the number density and the temperature of the electrons inside and outside the plasmasphere.
  • the Space Research Laboratory from University of Turku, Finland improves their very high-energy SEP environment mission specifications and SEP event catalogue information


Within the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • Norwegian Mapping Authority provides an update of the RTIM tool


Within the Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • the STFC RAL Space improves their H-ESC Product Archive tool, providing a product browser and event case study facility combining products from the participating Expert Groups.


Within the Solar Weather Expert Service Centre:

  • A number of improvements are introduced to the flare detection algorithm applied for the provision of Solar Flare detections by the Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory. The adjustments have been tested extensively and are found to significantly improve the hit rate and probability of detection while further reducing the number of false detections.


Please contact the SSCC Helpdesk (helpdesk.swe@esa.int) for any further information.