SWE Portal 2.4.0 Release Note

The ESA SSA Space Weather team is pleased to announce that SWE Portal 2.4.0 was released on 20th December, 2016 providing:

  • new and updated products and services
  • a simplified registration process
  • an update of the SWWT reports

The SSA Space Weather service network is organised in order to provide 39 services distributed over 8 different service domains having each its specific groups of end users.

In this release the 17 existing service pages have been improved and a new service page has been added to the "General Data Service" domain providing access to archives of all space weather data available via the SWE network.

This release now provides access to 18 services targeting the domains: Spacecraft Design (3), Spacecraft Operation (2), Human Space Flight (1), Trans-ionospheric Radio Link (4), Space Surveillance & Tracking (1), Non-space System Operation (3), and General Data Service (3). Each service is implemented through a combination of derived data products, software tools, technical reports and associated user support addressing the high-level requirements of the associated group of end-users. User guidance for all services is available via the SSCC and is provided with expert scientific and technical support from the Expert Service Centres participating in the SWE Network. Furthermore, user feedback on the new service presentation format is welcome and encouraged.

In addition, this SSA Space Weather Portal upgrade will provide access to an upgraded version of the RTIM product within the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre which includes the following features:

  • Expansion of the VTEC, GIVE and ROTI map region (the westward longitude limit changed from 10 degrees West to 70 degrees West)
  • Addition of a new tab "Demo Service" based on an extended network of scintillation receivers and available with a longer latency


In addition, please be informed that the SWENET server will be shut down at the end of this year. This server provides access to space weather data relevant to the different service domains parallel to the SWE Portal. As the functionality to access and browse these data has been moved from the SWENET system to the SWE Data Browsing and Analysis application within the SWE Portal, this transition period is now concluded. You can find the SWE Data Browsing and Analysis application on the SWE Portal when clicking on the button 'SWE Data' within the web pages of either the SWE services or those of the Expert Service Centres. In case of questions or to request an extension of the transition period, please contact the SWE Helpdesk. Finally, any feedback on the SWE Data Browsing and Analysis application is very welcome.

Please contact the SSCC Helpdesk (helpdesk.swe@esa.int) for any further information.