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Solar Weather Expert Service Centre

The mission of the Solar Weather ESC (S-ESC) is to provide and develop the functionalities, capabilities and expertise in the domain of Solar Weather that are needed within the ESA SSA SWE Network to achieve as a collaborative enterprise its mission of demonstrating and assessing the influences of Space Weather and informing and supporting end-users through the provision of accurate, reliable and timely products and (pre) operational services, tailored to their requirements.
The Solar Weather Expert Service Centre (S-ESC) thus provides, implements and supports the Solar Weather products and capabilities of the ESA SWE network. This includes the observation, monitoring, interpretation, modelling and forecasting of Solar Weather conditions with an emphasis on Solar (sub)-surface and Solar coronal features, events and processes that drive Space Weather in our Solar system.

This page provides access to the latest data, products and analysis tools from the SSA SWE Solar Weather Expert Service Centre.

Latest data
Latest solar image with active regions [ROB/SIDC]
Latest solar emission[ROB/SIDC]
Latest hour solar H-alpha movie [UGraz/KSO]
Latest processed SDO/HMI full-disk magnetogram [A-EFFort]
ESC tools and products
  • PROBA2 / SWAP - EUV 17.4 nm
  • USET / H-alpha full disk
  • USET / White-Light
  • HUMAIN / Radiospectrogram
  • SDO / AIA
  • International Sunspot Index
  • F10.7 index forecast
  • Daily SWE bulletin
  • CACTus Automated CME detection
  • Automated alerts (GOES-flare, CACTus-CME)
  • SIDC all quiet alert
  • HUMAIN / Automated Radio burst detection
  • F10.7 forecast
  • Solar flare forecast
  • Operator moderated alerting service
  • USET / Sunspot group characteristics
  • Kanzelhöhe / H-alpha full disk movie
  • flare detection and alerts
  • Kanzelhöhe / White light
  • Solar filament detection
  • 24hr forecast of major solar flares
  • White light Solar images
  • Halpha Solar images
  • Sunspot Group Characteristics
  • Radiospectrograms
  • UKMO Solar flare forecast
  • UKMO Solar active region analysis
ESC alerts
  • All quiet alert
  • Solar GOES-flare alert
  • Human operator alert moderation
  • Cactus automated Halo CME alert
  • UGraz/KSO Solar flare alerts
General applications
  • SWE Data Browsing and Analysis
ESC Coordinator
Jesse Andries (ROB)
Participating Expert Groups
Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC)
Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium
Kanzelhöhe Observatory (KSO)
University of Graz, Austria
Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics (RCAAM)
Academy of Athens, Greece
Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania (INAF)
Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Italy
Institute of 4D Technologies (FHNW)
University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland
UK Met Office (Met Office)
United Kingdom