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Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre

This page provides access to the latest data, products and analysis tools from the SSA SWE Heliospheric Weather Expert Service Centre.

Latest data
Solar Wind Forecast (ENLIL MHD) [SELSWE]
EUV Coronal Hole Analysis [ESWF]
ESC tools and products
  • Empircal Solar Wind Forecasting
  • CME Earth arrival Drag Based Model Forecasts
  • Automated near-Earth alerts
  • Archive of planetary/solar wind/Earth magnetosphere & ionosphere missions and ground-based assets
  • Supporting models: magnetic footprints, magnetic fields, solar wind propagation at planets and probes, ...
  • Access to external databases for observations and simulations (hybrid, MHD)
  • Embedded plotting, data mining, and cataloguing functionalities
  • H-ESC Product Archive (HPARC)
  • H-ESC Performance Metrics
  • Statistical heliospheric products
  • Predicted near-Earth solar wind properties (MHD)
  • Current near-Earth solar wind
  • Current near-Earth energetic protons and electrons
  • CME Earth arrival forecasts (MHD)
  • Near-Earth alerts
  • Heliospheric space weather forecasts & alerts for other targets in the solar system
Coming soon:
  • CME/CIR/SEP arrival times at all planets/probes/comets
  • Tracking of heliospheric structures using white light J-maps
  • Access catalogues of CME / CIR trajectories
  • Connect in-situ (AMDA) and imagery (JHelioviewer/MEDOC) databases
General applications
  • SWE Data Browsing and Analysis
ESC Coordinator
Chris Perry (RAL Space)
Participating Expert Groups
Space Environment Group (RAL SEG)
Met Office (Met Office)
United Kingdom
University of Graz (UNIGRAZ)
Danish Technical University (DTU)
Centre de Données de la Physique des Plasmas (CDPP)
IRAP, CNRS and the University Paul Sabatier, France
KU Leuven (KUL)
DH Consultancy (DHC)
University of Gottingen (UGOE)