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General Data Services

 ▶  Space weather data archive Archive of all data available via the SWE Network.
 ▶  Latest data service Provides agreed set of data required to provide input to tailored services and nontailored customer services available on a registration basis.
 ▶  Space weather nowcast and forecast products (daily, weekly) Provides nowcast/forecast space weather parameters.
 ▶  Event based alarms Alarms on an as-needed basis (flare, CME, SPE, magnetic storm onset, meteoroid stream, etc). Incorporates relevant data and where feasible rapid model outputs indicating likely consequences (e.g. time of interplanetary shock reaching Earth). Agreed set of default alarms. Subscription service will allow for tailored automated alarms on a particular parameter/dataset.
 ▶  Virtual space weather modelling system Under development.
 ▶  Guaranteed data service for third-party/added-value service providers Under development.
 ▶  Space Weather Support Material Under development.

Space weather effects (© ESA/Science Office, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO )
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