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SWENET (Space Weather European Network) has been initiated by ESA under contract number 18042/04/NL/JA and provided data and products as part of ESA's Space Weather Applications Pilot Project and the Service Development activities (SDA).  The SDAs focussed on a wide range of space weather user domains, providing services and products to address the needs of specific users.  The SWENET server was first deployed in 2003 and continued operation until being transitioned to the new SSA Space Weather portal in 2015.  All data contained within the SWENET archive has been transferred to the new portal and many of the original pilot project participants continue to provide data via this new interface. 

The following SDAs were implemented in SWENET:

Service Development ActivityP.I. Institute
ASAP Automated Solar Activity PredictionUOB
Auroras Now! Auroras now!FMI
BINCASTS F10.7, DRX(Lerwick), sunspot number(SSN) and Geomagnetic Activity Forecast(Ap)BGS
DIAS European Digital Upper Atmosphere ServerDIAS consortium
DIFS Daily Ionospheric Forecasting ServiceBAe
GAFS Geomagnetic Activity Forecast: a Service for ProspectorsDMI
GEISHA Geosynchronous Environment for Identification of Satellite Hit AnomaliesONERA
GEOSHAFT A Pilot Space Weather Service Employing the Spacecraft Hazard and Anomaly Forecasting ToolQinetiQ
GIC Forecast Real-time forecast service for geomagnetically induced currentsIRF Lund
GIC Simulator Real-Time GIC SimulatorNRC
GIFINT Geomagnetic Indices Forecasting and ionospheric Nowcasting ToolsIFSI
GPS Validation Validation of Near-real-time GPS Occultation Data Products for Meteorological ServicesDMI
Ionosfera IonosferaAMSAT
ISGI International Service for Geomagnetic IndicesCETP
MuSTAnG Muon Spaceweather Telescope for Anisotropies at GreifswaldUni Greifswald
Pipeline SWS Space weather service for pipeline operationsNRC
SAAPS Spacecraft Anomaly Analysis and Prediction SystemIRF Lund
Scintillation Quickmaps Quickmaps and History of the Effects of Ionospheric Scintillations on GPS/GLONASS SignalsCLS
SEIS Space Environment and Information SystemUninova
SFC Daily Solar Activity Parameter Calculation and ForecastCLS
SIDC Solar Influences Data analysis CenterROB
SOARS Space Weather Operational Airline Risks ServiceMSSL-UCL
SPECTRE Operational distribution service of 2d Tec maps over Europe for natural hazard studiesNoveltis
STIF Short Term Ionospheric Forecasting Facilities for Radio Communications UnitCLRC
SWACI Space Weather Applications Center - IonosphereDLR
SWIMIC Solar Wind Monitoring and Induction Modelling for GICBGS
SWIPPA Space Weather Impact on Precise Positioning Applications of GNSSDLR
TSRS Radio Surveillance of the Solar Corona for Communication Service ProvidersINAF
UMASEPForecaster Automated real-time prediction of Solar Energetic Proton (SEP) events.UMA

The following organisations contributed to SWENET by their support and provision of data:

Service Developers Link to Website
Space Environment Center, Boulder, CO, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Dept. of Commerce NOAA/SEC
European Space Agency ESA
Centre Nationale d'Studes Spatiales CNES
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt DLR
Organisations participating in ESAs Space Weather Pilot Project:
BAe Systems Advanced Technology Centre BAe Systems
British Geological Survey BGS
Centre d'études des Environnements Terrestres et Planétaires CETP
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory CCLRC
Collecte Localisation Satellites CLS
Danish Meteorological Institute DMI
Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI
German Aerospace Centre DLR
Instituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario IFSI-CNR
Trieste Astronomical Observatory INAF
Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) - University College London (UCL) MSSL-UCL
Natural Resources Canada NRCAN
French National Aerospace Research Establishment ONERA
QinetiQ QinetiQ
Royal Observatory of Belgium ROB
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF Lund) IRF
Uninova - Institute for the Development of New Technologies UNINOVA