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Radio Surveillance of the Solar Corona for Communication Service Providers


INAF - Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste 

Technical Group

Ionospheric Effects & Activity Forecast


  • High time resolution radio flux density evolution in FITS format
  • Multichannel synoptic graphs in PNG format
  • 1-min-average solar radio indices (radio noise level) in graphic (PNG), text (ASCII) and binary format
  • Nowcasting and forecasting is presently available only in real-time graphs
  • Warning messages in automatic mode via different systems (e.g. email, SMS)

Link to Project WebSite

SDA description

TSRS performs a surveillance of the radio emission of the solar corona on a routinary basis in automatic mode. It will provide real-time radio indices measuring the level of solar radio activity at the different receiving frequencies.

Contact / Manager

Dr. Mauro Messerotti

Trieste Astronomical Observatory
Basovizza Observing Station
Basovizza, 302
I-34012 Trieste
+39-040-226176 / 226761
+39-040-226630 / 30941

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