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Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI)

Technical Group

GIC & Ground Effects

SDA objective

The SDA provides (near) real-time view to the GIC-activity by means of dataplots and ASCII datalisting updated every 10 minutes.


web page containing:

  • GIC measurements (from the previous day).
  • Real-time GIC activity indicator
  • Real-time magnetic field (measured at Nurmijärvi Geophysical Observatory)
  • Real-time time derivative (of the magnetic field measured at Nurmijärvi)
  • Real-time electric field (calculated from the mag. field measured at Nurmijärvi)

Link to Project WebSite

SDA description

GICNow! and the restricted part GasumNow! services are a part of a larger Auroras Now! Service Development Activity (SDA) of the ESA Space Weather Pilot Project developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in co-operation with the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory , and the Space Systems Finland and CDQ Solutions companies. The purpose of GICnow! is to provide general information about the ground effects of space weather to the general public. This is made both via popular texts about ground impacts of space weather and via practical examples of the phenomena. The elementary parts of the public service are a real-time view to the present GIC activity in terms of geomagnetic activity indicators and the quick-look images of the induced current recordings carried out at the Finnish natural gas pipeline owned by the Gasum Oy company. The restricted part of the service, GasumNow!, is a service providing real-time estimates of the space weather impact on the Finnish pipeline. The service uses methods developed in connection with GIC research carried out during more than 20 years at the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Feedback is very much appreciated.

Contact / Manager

Antti Pulkkinen

Address: Finnish Meteorological Institute
Vuorikatu 15 A, POB 503, 00101 Helsinki, Finland
Telephone: + 358-9-19294694

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