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For power grid operators the major challenge caused by space weather is the geomagnetically induced currents (GIC). In technological conductor systems GIC are caused by rapid variations of the geomagnetic field (dB⁄dt). They can disturb the normal operation of the systems, for example, by creating transformer saturation in power grids. In the worst case, GIC can even lead to blackouts or transformer damages in high-voltage power grids. Real-time monitoring of GIC can be based on ground magnetic field recordings from which GIC can be modelled in power grids. Short-term forecast is based on the modelled rate of changes of the geomagnetic field (dB⁄dt), which is closely related to GIC.

This service is implemented through a combination of products, tools and alerts which can be found in the following sections along with expert support provided by the teams constituting the SWE Network. Should you require further guidance in the use of this service, or have specific questions about any aspects of the service presented here, don’t hesitate to contact the Helpdesk.

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Interplanetary medium at L1
Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF)
Solar Wind Bulk Velocity
Solar Wind Bulk Density
Earth magnetosphere
AZ index
Earth atmosphere and geomagnetic environment
Local External Magnetic Field on Ground
Local Geomagnetic Induced Geoelectric Field


User Manual

The products tailored for the power system operators mainly focus on the rate of change in the magnetic field and geomagnetically induced currents (GIC). GIC are determined by using near real-time ground magnetic field recordings and models of specific conductor systems.




GIC Index, Bgic for the UK

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Provided by: British Geological Survey

Forecasts of dB/dt

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Provided by: Swedish Institute of Space Physics

Peak Geomagnetically Induced Current (GIC) for Scotland, England, Wales and the UK

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Provided by: British Geological Survey