Space Weather Services

ESA Space Weather services

The ESA Space Weather service network is organised in order to provide 39 services distributed over 8 service domains targeting its specific groups of end users. The service domains are: Spacecraft Design (SCD), Spacecraft Operation (SCO), Human Space Flight (SCH), Launch Operation (LAU), Trans-ionospheric Radio Link (TIO), Space Surveillance & Tracking (SST), Non-space System Operation (NSO), and General Data Services (GEN).

The NSO domain groups diverse sub-domains including auroral tourism, aviation, resource exploitation, power system and pipeline operation. These services appear separately in the left hand menu.

The following section provides an initial presentation of 29 of these services. Other services will be added as they continue to be developed by the Network.

Each available service is presented on a dedicated page which contains an explanatory overview, a small selection of tiles, service highlights, announcements and the list of relevant space weather products, tools and alerts from our comprehensive catalogue. A user manual is also provided at the bottom of the page with additional information and guidence on how to use the service. The different products listed on a service page may be displayed in a viewer using the eye icon button ( ) or may be accessed from a thematic product page (link). Products under maintenance are marked by a wrench icon ( ).

The service pages are established with expert support provided by the teams constituting the ESA Space Weather Service Network. Should you require further guidance in the use of one of the services, or have specific questions about any aspects of a service, don't hesitate to contact the Helpdesk.

You can find all the available services and the applications they can offer in this table

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For a detailed overview of the current conditions, as well as access to forecasts, archives, alerts and interactive tools, we encourage you to register as a user and explore the full range of products and data available in our different Service Domains: