Information for Users

ESA's Space Safety Programme aims at
mitigating and preventing the impact of hazards from space.


Information for Service Users

The ESA Space Safety Programme actively addresses user communities that are sensitive to space weather, such as spacecraft operations, power systems operations or airlines. Targeted service developments aim to address the needs of these groups for accurate and timely space weather information. The ESA SWE Service Portal provides access to a total of 29 user-tailored services that build on more than 300 individual products and tools!

Each space weather service contains a tailored selection of products, tools, alerts combined with user support and guidance. Although many of the products can be used independently - bringing them together and grouping into user driven services proves a complete picture of ongoing and upcoming space weather conditions tailored towards the needs of a given user group. To familiarise yourself with the portal, we recommend you follow our Introductory Tutorial and delve into our Leaflet.

What can I find in this section?

Throughout this section you can find a selection of information useful to our users, so if you’re looking for some extra guidance, want to follow our events or are interested in becoming more involved in our activities, you can:

Are you new to ESA’s Space Weather Services?

Before you dive into the wealth of space weather information contained in the service portal, you might want to first view what the Current Space Weather conditions are today. Furthermore, for an introduction to the subject of space weather and its potential impacts you are welcome to check out the What is space weather? page.

When you’re ready to explore the full range of products and data available, you can choose any of the Space Weather Services that are of interest to you. To access the services, you need to register for an account on the ESA SWE service portal. The registration is free and takes just a few minutes. We welcome both professional users and members of the public interested in space weather to register and enjoy the high-quality data, products and tools we offer.

Don’t forget to follow our X Account for news and information about the ESA SWE Network including upcoming webinars and product highlights. We are also happy to answer your questions via our Helpdesk.