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Second European Space
Weather Week

14-18th November 2005

ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk,The Netherlands

Online Proceedings

This page will contain copies of the presentation material from invited review talks and poster presentations given during the above meeting.


Some pictures: 1, 2, 3

SWENET Presentation Day
Convenors: A. Glover and A. Hilgers

Ionospheric Effects session
Reporter: Lj. Cander

Spacecraft and Aircraft Effects session
Reporter : A. Hilgers

Ground Effects Session
Reporter: R. Pirjola

Solar Monitoring and Magnetic Indices Session
Reporter: M. Messerotti

Concluding Presentations

Session 1: The solar weather / Solar activity forecast and predictions (including propagation of transient features in the solar wind)
Convenor: R. van der Linden

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:

Session 2: Atmospheres (weather and climate, also including Thermosphere and drag), Global Change
Convenor: A. Rodger

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:

Session 3: Ionosphere / positioning and telecommunication
Convenor: S. Radicella

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:


Session 4: Radiation Environment of the Earth / Spacecraft and Aircraft environment
Convenor: I. Daglis

Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:

Session 5: Magnetic environment / GIC's and other ground effects
Convenor : J. Watermann

Poster Presentations:

Session 6: Agencies Activities and outreach to communities, emerging markets and education
Convenor : E. Daly
Oral Presentations: Poster Presentations:
  • Sun-Earth Connections - Monitoring For Research And Applications
    Hapgood, M
  • Requirements For Space Weather Monitoring By Nanosats
    Hapgood, M.
  • Nano Satellite Beacons For Space Weather Monitoring
    Hapgood, M.
  • Icestar/Ihy - Interhemispheric Conjugacy In Geospace Phenomena And Their Heliospheric Drivers
    Kauristie, K.
  • On The Importance On Space-Based Observatories In Space Weather.
    Menvielle, M.

For more information, please contact Alexi Glover.

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