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ESA Space Weather Service Network Morphology

ESA's Vigil Mission will monitor the 'Side' of the Sun
to protect vital infrastructure on Earth and in Space.


Space Weather at ESA

ESA’s Space Safety Programme (S2P) aims at mitigating and preventing the effects of hazards from space, protecting our ‘Pale Blue Dot’, its inhabitants, and our vital infrastructure − like satellites in orbit and power grids on the ground − on which we have become so dependent. As part of the Programme, the Space Weather Office is responsible for the development of a space weather system with the objective to achieve better protection for Europe against the adverse impacts of solar activity.

The key elements of this space weather system are the ESA Space Weather Service Network, which is being developed to provide timely and reliable space weather information to users (you!) by utilising and building on the wealth of high-quality expertise and assets we have available in Europe along with ground-based and spaceborne measurement systems and supporting data systems.

Throughout this section you can find more information on:

  • Space Weather within ESA’s Space Safety Programme
  • The ESA Space Weather Service Network
  • ESAs Space Weather Monitoring System core components
  • Pre-operational and development activities
  • Feasibility Studies and Demonstrators
  • Programmatic Information such as requirements/specification documentation and reference material
  • The Space Weather Working Team (SWWT) forum
  • The Space Weather Euro Newsletter (SWEN)
  • Space Weather Office Contacts
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