Transionospheric Radio Link Services


Ionospheric disturbances, such as scintillation, are the most important factor influencing signal propagation between ground- and space-based systems, and also between different space-based systems. For example, given the dependence of much of our contemporary technological infrastructure upon GNSS systems, the inherent vulnerability of that system to ionospheric disturbances is a major risk area in need of coherent systems to address it.


Near real-time TEC maps Provides near real-time TEC maps.
Forecast TEC maps Provides forecasted TEC maps.
Quality assessment of ionospheric correction Provides information on whether standard corrections to GNSS signal are applicable.
Near real-time ionospheric scintillation maps Provides near-real-time local scintillation data as well as regional and global maps.
Monitoring and forecast of ionospheric disturbances Provides estimates of the occurrence risk of ionospheric disturbances.

Galileo constellation (© ESA - P. Carril)