MAG SWE DAN - Magnetometer Stations Network covering Scandinavia and Greenland

MAG SWE DAN data is provided as part of the SWE Service Network’s General Data Services.
Access it via the SWE Data Browser.

The network

The MAG-SWE-DAN Network consists of 10 geomagnetic variometer stations located in Sweden, Denmark, and Greenland, operated and maintained by the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU), and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

The MAG-SWE-DAN Network enhances the spatial coverage of the existing ground magnetometer observations over Scandinavia and Greenland. In addition, the 1-second time resolution of the MAG-SWE-DAN data allow to capture signals of intense short-lived geomagnetic activity, e.g. magnetic substorms. As the magnetic signature of these processes can be very local, a dense spatial coverage of observations is required. This guided the teams in the selection of locations of the stations during instrument installation activities.

The MAG-SWE-DAN magnetometer network provides 1-second data in Near Real-Time for geomagnetic conditions monitoring.
Each variometerstation is equipped with a FGE fluxgate magnetometer developed by DTU Space and electronics which allows to digitize the fluxgate signal. These electronics consist mainly of one analog-to-digital converter, a storage and processing computer and a cellular modem to transmit the data.

The Data

The data, of each station, is provided as 3-axis vector of magnetic field (B) in nT following the north-east-down (NED) system with the Cartesian coordinates (X North, Y East, Z Down). The associated timestamp is in expressed in UTC. The time resolution is 1 second provided with an approximatively 5-minute latency.
The Network data is divided in 10 datasets, one for each station.

Figure 1 Map with the MAG-SWE-DAN Network stations. The SGU station locations are marked with blue, the DTU station locations in orange. The table lists their three-letter code, name and responsible institution.
Figure 2 The pictures show examples from one of the MAG-SWE-DAN station, showing the magnetometer installation and a cabinet including the electronics, USB-converter, datalogger and UPS.