Space Weather Working Team

SWWT Plenary Meeting 33 (18th June 2013)

SWWT Plenary Meeting 33 Report
Stefaan Poedts
pdf-file 203KB
(Topical Working Group) Drivers of Space Weather  ̶  Solar Magnetic Topology
Henrik Lundstedt
pdf-file 1.9MB
(Topical Working Group) Drivers of Space Weather  ̶  Solar Storms
Nicole Vilmer
pdf-file 1.9MB
(Topical Working Group) Ground Effects
Magnus Wik
pdf-file 638KB
(Topical Working Group) Atmospheric Effects
Sean Bruinsma
pdf-file 60KB
(Topical Working Group) Ionospheric Effects
Matthew Angling
pdf-file 101KB
(Topical Working Group) Spacecraft, Launcher and Aircraft Environments
Susan McKenna-Lawlor
pdf-file 94KB
(Topical Working Group) Education, Outreach and Emerging Markets
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 1.2MB
(Topical Working Group) Space Weather Forecast
Larisa Trichtchenko
pdf-file 18KB
Space Weather Activities in Ukraine Summer 2013 Report
Aleksei Parnowski
pdf-file 3.8MB
Space Weather Space Weather Roadmap Consultation Exercise 1
Alexi Glover
pdf-file 1.9MB

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