Space Weather Working Team

SWWT Plenary Meeting 31 (13th June 2012)

SWWT Plenary Meeting 31 Report
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 1026KB
Plenary meeting, Welcome, Etc.
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 431KB
Ground Effects Topical Group
Magnus Wik
pdf-file 2.1MB
Atmospheric Effects Topical Group: Reporting period: 2011 – June 2012
Sean Bruinsma
pdf-file 118KB
Ionospheric Effects Working Group
Matthew Angling
pdf-file 151KB
Topical Group Report on Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments (June, 2012)
Susan McKenna-Lawlor
pdf-file 252KB
Overview of SSA PP in 2012 - Achievements and plans for the next Period
Juha-Pekka Luntama
pdf-file 2.4MB
Combining Space Weather Services and Expertise: What constitutes an Expert Service Centre?
Alexi Glover and Juha-Pekka Luntama
pdf-file 758KB
Space Weather Segment Precursor Services – Part-1: Definition and Service Consolidation (SN-I)
Gareth Lawrence
pdf-file 1.8MB
FP7 SWIFF and EHEROES Projects
Giovanni Lapenta
pdf-file 5.0MB
VSWMC Project
Stefaan Poedts
pdf-file 582KB
PC index
Peter Stauning
pdf-file 3.3MB
2nd Sunspot Number Workshop
Frédéric Clette
pdf-file 1.6MB
Space Weather Activities in Ukraine: Summer 2012 Report
Aleksei Parnowski
pdf-file 708KB
Stijn Calders & Michel Kruglanski
pdf-file 657KB
ESA R&D activities
Alain Hilgers and Eamonn Daly
pdf-file 1.3MB
Visions for the future of the SWWT
Stefaan Poedts
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