Space Weather Working Team

SWWT Plenary Meeting 29 (28th June 2011)

SWWT Plenary Meeting 29 Report
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 279KB
Plenary meeting, Welcome, Etc.
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 946KB
SWWT Atmospheric Effects Topical Group
Sean Bruinsma
ppt-file 8.8MB
SWWT Ground Effects Topical Group
Larisa Trichtchenko
ppt-file 523KB
SWWT Spacecraft Launcher Aircraft Topical Group
Susan McKenna-Lawlor
ppt-file 271KB
SWWT Education Outreach Emerging Markets Topical Group
Norma Crosby
pdf-file 175KB
Assessment and Validation of Space Weather Models in the framework of the European Cost Action ES0803
Ioanna Tsagouri
pdf-file 119KB
ESA SSA Space Weather Segment Update and Planning
Alexi Glover
pdf-file 246KB
Space Weather in 2012 FP7 Research Infrastructure Call
Mike Hapgood
pptx-file 343KB
SN-1 Asset Review
Eva Robbrecht
pdf-file 1.6MB
Accessing and Exploiting SDO Data in Europe
Veronique Delouille
pdf-file 1.6MB
Space Weather data services provided by PROBA2
David Berghmans
pdf-file 15MB
The Humain Project
Christophe Marqué and Jasmine Magdalenic
pdf-file 2.4MB
Solar Radio Observations in France
Nicole Vilmer
pdf-file 2.4MB
European H-alpha Observing Network Hastenet
Frédéric Clette
pptx-file 6.3MB
EISCAT for Space Weather Applications
Ingrid Mann
pdf-file 814KB
Space Weather Activities in Ukraine
Aleksei Parnowski
ppt-file 1.7MB


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