Space Weather Working Team

SWWT Plenary Meeting 37 (16th November 2016)

SWWT Plenary Meeting 37 Report
Stefaan Poedts
pdf-file 37KB
SSA Space Weather Service Network in Period 2: Network Overview
Alexi Glover
pdf-file 1862KB
The SSA Programme and SWE Segment status + view towards Period 3
Juha-Pekka Luntama
pdf-file 1797KB
WMO's Involvement in Space Weather
Toshiyuki Kurino
pdf-file 2564KB
Horizon 2020 Space Work Programme 2017
European Commission
pdf-file 975KB
Advice on potential priorities for research and innovation in the work programme 2018-2020
Horizon2020 Space Advisory Group
pdf-file 158KB
Communication from the comission to the European Parliament, the Council, the Europan Economic and Social comitee and the comittee of the regions
European Commission
pdf-file 343KB

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