Space Weather Working Team

SWWT Plenary Meeting 34 (20th November 2013)

SWWT Plenary Meeting 34 Report
Stefaan Poedts
pdf-file 218KB
Review of JRC Space Weather and Power Grid Workshop
Emmelie Andersson and Alan Thompson
pdf-file 604KB
SSA-SWE Segment: Approach for SSA Period 2
Juha-Pekka Luntama and Alexi Glover
pdf-file 575KB
(Topical Working Group) Drivers of Space Weather  ̶  Solar Storms
Nicole Vilmer
pdf-file 544KB
(Topical Working Group) Ground Effects
Magnus Wik
pdf-file 1810KB
(Topical Working Group) Ionospheric Effects
Matthew Angling
pdf-file 64KB

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