Space Weather Working Team

FP 7 Preparation Meeting (23th January 2007, IAP, Paris, France)

Mike Hapgood
ppt-file 194KB
Europlanet background
ppt-file 445KB
European SpW portal
Jean Lilenstein
ppt-file 424KB
Ground Effects of Space Weather
Risto Pirjola
ppt-file 4000KB
Toward a Virtual Observatory for Solar System Plasmas
Christian Jacquey
pdf-file 794KB
draft EoI on networking activity for planetary space weather
Steve Miller
doc-file 43KB
Europlanet answers
doc-file 125KB
Research Infrastructures - guide for applicants
pdf-file 290KB
Europlanet ideas for FP7
ppt-file 152KB
Sun-Earth Virtual Observatory
Mike Hapgood
ppt-file 218KB
Cross-ref matrix between space weather interests and FP7 programmes
Mike Hapgood
xls-file 17KB
SWWT comments on Science Vision for European Astronomy
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