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General Data Services

Space Weather data underpins all the services collected within the SSA-SWE element and their associated service products. Furthermore, data and modelling are the basis for better understanding the causes and effects of Space Weather events, and progress will lead to improved future services. The key data and data products within the domain are made available in order to support third party developments tailored to specific customers and also to support further research and modelling activities, leading to improved understanding of the physical processes underpinning space weather and ultimately better services.

 ▶  Space weather data archive Archive of all data available via the SWE Network.
 ▶  Latest data service Provides agreed set of data required to provide input to tailored services and nontailored customer services available on a registration basis.
 ▶  Space weather nowcast and forecast products (daily, weekly) Provides nowcast/forecast space weather parameters.
 ▶  Event based alarms Alarms on an as-needed basis (flare, CME, SPE, magnetic storm onset, meteoroid stream, etc). Incorporates relevant data and where feasible rapid model outputs indicating likely consequences (e.g. time of interplanetary shock reaching Earth). Agreed set of default alarms. Subscription service will allow for tailored automated alarms on a particular parameter/dataset.
 ▶  Virtual space weather modelling system Under development.
 ▶  Guaranteed data service for third-party/added-value service providers Under development.
 ▶  Space Weather Support Material Under development.

General Data Service Background

Data lies at the heart of ESA SSA's Space Weather activities. Many of the user requirements and components to be delivered as part of the SWE segment make reference to requirements on the availability of and access to data of diverse types. This includes real-time and near-real-time data but also archives of past and historical data.

Consequently, as part of the SWE services, a data service is being established in order to facilitate access to key data for both tailored SWE services and users developing their own third party applications. It will also perform data-driven actions such as event based alerting and provision of nowcast and forecast information not tailored to a specific SWE user domain.

This service will also work towards the development and implementation of a virtual space weather modelling system. Global Space Weather modelling is concerned with setting up a model that represents the state of the heliosphere at any given moment. Given the vast size of the heliosphere and the scarcity of in-situ sample points or remote-sensing viewing directions, the heliosphere is only very poorly observed. A model is thus needed that provides physical parameters at times and locations of the heliosphere where no direct measurement is available.

Users addressed by the modelling service are anticipated to be Space Weather experts and other service providers including forecasters who may take the outputs from a global SWE model as input to their services.

Space weather effects (© ESA/Science Office, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO )
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